Socks in Service

" I am looking at starting a pour-over coffee store, and have directly polled people from the largest online communities dedicated to pour over coffee. The one thing they said is a must in any store like mine is coffee socks. “

" Started making cold brew for commercial use about 4 years ago. Went thru many filtering systems, all messy and time consuming. Discovered this filter and have been happy ever since! No residue ever! I would recommend boiling it in hot water every few uses to get rid of the oils that build up. NEVER use detergents because they leave perfume smells that will RUIN your coffee! “

 " This is the second pair of cotton filters I've purchased from CoffeeSock Co., and I am SO impressed. I usually make two cups of coffee a day (which means I use both filters every day) and they lasted me exactly a year. I don't necessarily have the most refined palate, but I think the coffee from these filters tastes damn good. It makes me feel amazing to know that I'm not only saving a ton of money (if I used 2 paper Chemex filters a day, I would be spending $75 a year, instead of the $13 I pay for these cotton filters), but also drastically reducing the amount of waste it takes me to make a cup of tasty coffee. Can't recommend this filter alternative enough!! “ 

" First of all: great seller, fast shipping. Let's get on to the product. I've been using the coffeesock for about three weeks now and I am very pleased with this product. The coffee tastes great, no need to clean the filter pre-use (as with paper) and afterwards easy to clean: grounds in the compost-bin, coffeesock rinsing with hot water and hang it out to dry. Easy as pie. (Mmm pie) Highly recommend for any coffee lover! "