Corina Guillory: 

When I’m not Sockin’, you can find me dreaming of new adventures in our Westy, chatting up the birds, trees, and wildflowers around our Austin hood, or running on the Greenbelt like a little mountain goat.  I want to be my daughter when I grow up, I am awed by my son’s ability to disappear into his head, and I am in love with a thinker-doer, that I'm lucky enough to call my honey.

"Follow Me" -your dreams...  CoffeeSock to me is my dream found.  It is a simple, thoughtful, and resourceful brand, one that makes me proud to be a part of and share with the world.  I have to say, the people involved in our brand; makers, users, and followers, are what inspire and motivate me everyday.

My favorite coffee beverage while I walk the babes to school is half a mug of lukewarm Guatemalan roast, brewed Chemex style and for work I brew a pot of Earl Grey tea with a dollop of honey.


Robert Guillory: 

When I am not Sockin’, I take care of the Sword of Damocles that hangs above my head stays fast, and that the chicken on my shoulder stays fed. My brilliant wife, two treasured children and the company of all these inspirational ‘Sockers keeps me in Karma to spare. 

I value greatly the opportunity that I have to play a part in changing the world, one sock at a time. CoffeeSock is for me, sustenance, freedom and hope for a better future, and a legacy for my children’s children. 

I dabble in thinking and doing, in my spare time.

I am a simple man with simple coffee needs, single origin Tarrazu, Chemex brewed, nothing added, repeated as necessary throughout the day.


Alana Montoro: 

When I’m not Sockin’, and helping keep the books for CoffeeSock, you might find me helping make some bomb jam over at Confituras, taking classes to get a C.P.A., researching and daydreaming about where to go hiking & camping next, or obsessing over animals. I love learning, helping others and working toward surrounding myself with people who are thoughtful, passionate, successful, and positive. 

My favorite thing about working with CoffeeSock is contributing and being a part of an organization I truly believe in. CoffeeSock ideals, culture and attitudes are tops in my book.

It is too difficult to pick just one favorite coffee beverage, so I’m going to pick two: iced toddy and cafe con leche. 


Angie Reyes:

When I’m not Sockin’, you can find me at my jeweler's bench creating my first line of jewelry, Franny & Metal! I love singing as loudly and animatedly as I can while sitting in rush hour traffic, playing enthusiastically with my English Bulldog's belly, and getting my hands dirty learning a new craft whenever possible.

My favorite thing about working for CoffeeSock is being surrounded by other creatives, all with different crafts, who are each at different stages of their creative journeys- it’s gall-darn inspiring!

As for my favorite coffee beverage, I straight up go crazy-eyed Gollum for a big steaming mug of medium roast with a dainty splash of cream, as soon as I'm out of bed. It's my precious, for realz.


Sierra Barnett:

When I'm not Sockin', I'm learning about primate social behavior at UT Austin! If you can't find me on campus, I'm usually crafting for my pals, working on a puzzle, or listening to a podcast(recommendations welcome!). My passions are empowering women and girls to love themselves and strive for their dreams, as well as working with shelter or refugee animals, whether that be walking a sweet puppy dog, or building a habitat for some tigers!

My favorite thing about CoffeeSock is rubbing shoulders with the extraordinary, talented people you see on this site. They are the best people I know and I can never wait to come in to work each week!

My favorite coffee beverage is plain iced toddy, and if I'm feeling fancy I'll throw in some vanilla syrup and creme. It's the only thing that gets me through class!



Kristen Mazzaferro:

When I’m not Sockin’, you can find me at my sewing machine, jeweler's bench or sketchbook creating products for my jewelry and apparel brand Ferro & Fawn! I spend most of my days working with a bunch of awesome kiddos at a private school in the Hyde Park neighborhood as a teacher’s assistant in addition to working at CoffeeSock. I also love all kinds of dance so chances are that you can find me two-stepping, swing dancing or taking ballet classes around Austin most nights of the week!  On the weekends, if I’m not creating, I’m either swimming or collecting flowers on a hike with friends with my trusty camera in tow.

My favorite thing about working for CoffeeSock is getting spend time with some of the most inspiring, creative, hard-working, compassionate and driven women that Austin has to offer! Meeting Corina and working for her handmade, eco-conscious, family-owned business has been one of my favorite parts of living in Austin.

I’m personally more of a tea drinker (ghasp!) but I do very much enjoy the occasional cold brew during the hot Austin summers!



Rachel Mascardo:

When I’m not Sockin’ you can find me playing my keyboards or blasting off with my synthesizers, experimenting and taking all kinds of photos, or learning my favorite language: ASL! I also love diving into a great book, practicing my yogi powers, conquering the lands of Hyrule in the Zelda video games, and taking the occasional dip at the springs. If I’m not hibernating in my creative space you can catch me at a local music venue, volunteering in the Deaf community and spending time with old friends and new! My greatest passion in life is to stay kind and to stay curious. 

“There is nothing like looking, if you want to find something. You certainly usually find something, if you look, but it is not always quite the something you were after.” - J.R.R. Tolkien, The Hobbit 

My favorite thing about working for CoffeeSock is having the opportunity to work for a company that cares for me and the world. I adore everyone I work with and feel inspired and grateful every day to be apart of such an incredible family. Laughing is my favorite thing to do while we work together! 

My favorite coffee beverage is classic and bold cold brew! Maybe with a splash of some tasty oat milk.